The Housing Plan of Zaamin City Lahore is one of the first level projects in the city of Lahore. It spread over approximately 1,000 acres 5 km long and 150 feet from the main boulevard. Zaamin City Lahore made sure and 100% LDA approved the project. It offers an improved life and a high potential investment. This place is developed with new high-end ideas, giving people great opportunities. Therefore, for life and investment purposes, it offers a fruitful investment option with reasonable prices and high future returns. However, it offers residential and commercial plots of different sizes with a flexible payment plan

Project Features

  • Spread over the vast area of 1,821 Kanals, where much space is devoted to vegetation.
  • Exclusive and sophisticated amenities here will make your lifestyle commendable
  • Here you have at your disposal an improved and quality way of life.
  • It is a family oriented society built on advanced development ideas.
  • The economic status of this project is bright, which guarantees high near values.
  • Established in the peaceful and tactical location of Lahore, close to all facilities.
  • The well-planned community presents the perfect combination of precise plot locations, open spaces and a host of features
  • The standard architectural approach throughout the city of Zaamin makes it the exclusive residential development
  • Affordable payment plan with the promise of an increase in the rate and demand for properties.
  • Tranquility, style, quality and high standards come together in one place for you.

LDA approved

The city of Zaamin is a large residential project that is planned to provide affordable and improve people’s lives. It is under the development community that arises that will generate many advances and an exceptional approach for those who will choose it as their center of life and investment.

When choosing your property in any housing scheme, you should keep in mind that the company is legally built or not. LDA approval determines the status of any community that is legal or not.

You will be pleased to know that Zaamin City Lahore recently obtained approval from the LDA. He has won a very prestigious and prominent position, since there is no claim in this regard and he obtains approval in a very short time.

The Director of LDA approved the land in which it is being developed, community plans and other infrastructure strategies within society. The technical approval of everything determines that developers are doing everything under the codes of the real estate law.

The city of Zaamin, after the approval of the LDA, is more passionate about offering the best options and facilities to people. The high objectives and the global approach make this community very attractive among many other developments in the city of Lahore.

Development status

It is an underdeveloped community that plans to establish advanced ideas. The best architects and planners have made the design of the community without losing sight of the latest trends. These designs then went through the professionals so that the best community life can be available to people. The more exclusive urban planning is, the more possibilities there will be for future high growth. The city of Zaamin is developing very well, focusing on several aspects to make a remarkable housing society meet the needs of people, as well as current real estate requirements. The construction work of roads, buildings and other infrastructures is carried out by the excellent and hardworking engineers, planners and additional workforce.

Work development continues at a rapid pace without delay. The plots are ready for possession, while some parts of the community are under construction. The completion of these infrastructure works will increase the demand and value of this place. Prices may also increase in the coming times, when society will present a complete picture of luxury, proper city management and the latest architectural concepts. This company meets more advanced engineering and urban planning standards than previous developers. It is a more reformed way than the other projects of the same developers. That is why it has gained a prominent position and name, even in the initial development phase.
Zaamin City Lahore Plots for sale

Buying a property here can lead to many gains both in the current and in the coming time. The city of Zaamin is established in legal and developed lands with the best disposition in each field. Different plot sizes are part of this housing scheme, which is equipped with essential public services. You can make the house of your dreams as you wish, start any business and also great investment possibilities. You will get the huge investment and life options after buying any property here with attractive rates.

The prices are different depending on the type of plot, but all your transactions here will lead to huge profits and future value. The plots for sale in Zaamin City Lahore are equipped with all basic and advanced services, road links and the best location within the society. All plots have access to electricity, gas and water Sui. The general management and plans of the community, the distribution of the plot and its links with the city attract a large number of buyers. Higher returns in the future are guaranteed with both categories.

Residential plots for sale

The residential plots of Zaamin City Lahore are of various types and are offered according to the client’s desire and the purpose of the purchase. All plots have a different price.

3 Marla Plots are the best option for those who have small families and want to give them an elevated lifestyle with affordable prices.

5 Marla plots for the best investment and future development of the small house you want

10 plots of Marla for investors or those who wish to build their house that is integral and can also entertain the guest

Commercial plots for sale

Commercial plots are also accessible with very attractive plans and budgets. As soon as the developers resolve the proposal regarding the industrial area, residential plots remain one of the most adorable projects. The best part is that the Zaamin group, being one of the most loyal and reliable real estate organizations, tries to finish the screwing process quickly and efficiently. In this way, everyone who needs to buy a plot urgently will find a great opportunity. Investors and also welcome to invest in the safe environment of Zaamin City Lahore. Commercial plots are available in the size of 3.5 and 10 marla provided with everything that is essential.

Zaamin City Lahore Location Map

The most important thing before choosing any residential place is to choose a precise location that is excellent and developed at the same time. The city of Zaamin fulfills these aspects very well about an ideal location. You will find it located on Ferozpur Road, near Sabzi Mandi. It is surrounded by all the basic and advanced facilities, as well as tranquility. The natural views of the whole scheme give people the opportunity to stay close to a clean and quiet environment. In the city of Lahore, you will find this location the most tactical and attractive for residential, commercial and investment purposes.

The location is a crucial aspect to determine what kind of life or investment you will have. Many housing schemes have been developed in Lahore. As Lahore expands day by day and especially new societies are very far from the life of the city, where living is not so much pleasure due to inaccessibility to the basic needs of life. To avoid such a situation, you must decide on the perfect location from all perspectives. It must be close to the necessary public services and be connected to the main parts of the city so that people can access it without any problem. The more the privileged location, the more guarantees the high values.

Zaamin City Lahore Location Map
Zaamin City Lahore Location Map

The city of Zaamin is being appreciated mainly due to its first class location. It enjoys excellent proximity to the city and is very suitable to meet all your life and investment needs. It is a place where you can enjoy the best lifestyle as close to the city as you need. Having facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial sectors, main roads and much closer to your residence will lead you to a very comfortable and remarkable existence. Not only this, but also from the point of view of investment, the location of housing societies is very important.
You should be careful when choosing the location that ensures the earnings and the desirable results of the money you are going to invest. It is worth investing in the position of Zaamin City, as it is emerging as a society full of potential and growth due to its strategic direction. For beginners, it is the right place to consider and invest to save and secure their future. The surroundings and the neighborhood of Zaamin City Lahore are excellent and adequate, which will make your investment and life experience tremendous. It is becoming the most sought after life destination. Its location is the essential factor to increase its demand and value.

Zaamin City Lahore Payment Plan

The city of Zaamin Lahore is the first class project that has planned everything to meet the needs of people. It is one of the most exclusive places of life that offers several properties with auspicious facilities and reasonable rates.
Property prices are rising a lot since competition has become very strong with the establishment of many housing schemes. It is crucial to choose the right place with the growing financial value and the reasonable payment plan.

Zaamin City Lahore meets the growing needs very well and offers a very attractive and flexible payment plan. The market value of this project is high today. It can be said with the guarantee that it will increase in the future. The place due to its high state of development and the attractive payment plan is obtaining a beautiful position. Modern investors and buyers are very inclined to take the place here as soon as possible to get more profits in the future. It is the perfect time to reserve your property here.

Commercial and residential, both types are available in the sizes of 3 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla. He will make an exceptional and advantageous deal after buying a place here. It is the right time to reserve your place at affordable prices. You can also reserve your desired property with easy installation policies simply by paying the specific amount of down payment in the initial stage. The reservation procedure is simple and attractive, in which it is not necessary to allow ambiguities. You can contact the team at any time, as we are here to help you in the best possible way. The detailed payment plan that contains all the information and prices is detailed below.

Zaamin City Lahore Booking Details

5 Marla residential plot payment plan Zaamin City

5 Marla Residential Plot Payment Plan Zaamin City Lahore

10 Marla residential plot payment plan Zaamin City

10 Marla residential plot payment plan  Zaamin City Lahore

Zaamin City Commercial plots payment plan

5 Marla Commercial Plot Payment Plan Zaamin City

5 Marla Commercial Plot Payment Plan Zaamin City Lahore

8 Marla Commercial Plot Payment Plan Zaamin City

8 Marla Commercial Plot Payment Plan Zaamin City Lahore

Zaamin City Lahore Developers

It is a project of the Zaamin Group, who are professionals and experts in the real estate field. This company is composed of excellent and qualified members who contribute significantly to making this one of the most important names in Pakistan to develop high-level projects. Before the city of Zaamin, this company has witnessed some notable developments that have something unique to offer their buyers. Innovative ideas, high excellence, professionalism, individuality and reliability are the core of the developers’ work.

You will see these auspicious features in almost all your projects without compromising high quality. All his projects have demonstrated the milestones in the real estate sector of Lahore with the guarantee of high profits in all fields, including commercial, residential and investment. The performance and achievement of this company are unbeatable due to its high focus on all matters. The developers work with a lot of focus on the new concepts of development and construction to provide highly standardized services to people.

The city of Zaamin is a new and very well established project by this company to provide adequate living conditions with the promise of the best investment options. This project is developed on modern and exclusive ideas that make it attractive to contemporary investors. Integrity, excellence and high quality are the core of developers, and all this is evident in this project.

They work with the intention of providing a place for people where their dreams come true. The professional approach and the sincere public concerns have made this society one of the most outstanding developments in the real estate market. High values are given to people through this establishment, which is based on contemporary sources and ideas. The exclusive plans and the real work of the team members have made it possible to obtain such a prominent and tremendous place as Zaamin City Lahore.

Exceptional living standards are presented to those who wish to take advantage of it in the prime location and with a perfect price range. The project has already captured the attention of many potential buyers and investors due to its enormous demand and appreciation in the first phase of development. Such popularity adds a lot to the renowned reputation of developers that make their position more vigorous in the market. The objectives and mission behind this company are simply to provide high-class and current life solutions to people by establishing new trends in housing schemes. This company also defines the latest infrastructure ideas in all Zaamin group projects, especially in the homes of the city of Zaamin. For the planning of society, developers who hire the best minds in this field hire the best minds.

Explore Zaamin City Lahore Map

Facilities and features

  • Security
  • Gated community
  • Main road
  • Environment friendly
  • Infrastructure
  • The international standard of living
  • Electricity
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Street lights
  • Sewerage system
  • Parks and Jogging Tracks
  • Golf course
  • Ambulance Service
  • Playgrounds
  • Commercial areas

Projects Constructed by the Sponsor Group Companies

  • Emporium Mall
  • Expo Centre
  • City Tower
  • Zaamin Centre
  • MCB Tower
  • Zaamin Villas, Lake City
  • Pak China Dosti Square
  • Fauji Fertilizer Head Office
  • Emigration Tower

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